Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Our products often change during the year. Some products are even available exclusively to certain period, according to the availability of the ingredients it is made of.

You can find on our website the ingredients and allergens used in our products, in the detailed description.
Our products are made in a busy environment where GLUTEN, NUTS, PEANUTS, SESAME and other ALLERGENIC ingredients are used.
Due to the nature of our food operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food will be 100% completely free from any allergens.


We deliver only from Friday to Sunday. We need basically 2 days of notice. But you could leave a message when you ordering and specify which days do you prefer to be deliver.

Due to the perishable and fragile aspect of our products, we deliver only on DY4,WS10,B69,B70 & B71.

We deliver from Wednesday to Friday between 9:00am to 1:00pm

2 days notice is required.

My Order

Maison des Gourmets products may be ordered online at You will find products grouped by category (including Seasonal Flavour, Individual pastries and cakes).

Orders made from our website as well as our customer service is engaging you. We accept cancelation or modification of an order up to 2 days before the delivery. 

Due to the perishable aspect of our products, returns are not accepted.

You could order for only 1 cake if you wish but you should pay delivery fees.

It's recommend to order over £15 the delivery is free.